Fall Wedding Gifts

According to a 2015 survey by The Knot, one of the top wedding planning sites, summer months  no longer hold the title of “the most popular wedding months.” Summer is quickly getting edged out as the signature wedding season and being replaced by the cooler weather and colors of Autumn. Fall has been making headway, with 39 percent of couples choosing to say “I do” in September (15 percent), October (17 percent) and November (7 percent), up from 31 percent in 2014. That means that this is prime wedding gift season. Are you looking for something more sentimental and personal? Creative Gifts can help you find the perfect keepsake for the new couple that is both personal and unique.

330x330-2745These beautiful toasting flutes for the new couple feature the Glitter Galore look of acrylic covered crystals encased in bright, non-tarnishing, silver-colored metal in the base of each. A great gift for the new couple to use to toast their families, friends and wedding party as well as for commemorative toasts for years to come. Make it really special by adding a one to three letter monogram, a first name or a special message.

330x330-2744“The Bride cuts the cake, the bride cuts the cake. . . ” We all know this fun tradition of cutting the wedding cake and feeding each other. Here is a lovely keepsake for the bride and groom that will be used for years to come. This is a must have gift that can be used during the reception and for years to come during special family events, birthdays and anniversaries. Make it even sweeter by engraving a special message, monogram or date on the knife or server set.

330x330-3437Give a bit of elegance with this old world style silver plated Gadroon Wine Cooler. The graceful curves of this cooler with the exquisite attention to the beaded detail around the rim and handles is what makes this piece a pure beauty. The couple can use it both at their reception and for all future parties and anniversaries. It will remind them of their special day. Add a personal touch with monogram letters, dates or a special message to the new Mr. & Mrs.

Thoughtful Ways to Show Sympathy

antique non-tarnish keepsake boxWhen someone close to you loses a loved one, it can be hard to know what to do to show your love and sympathy. Grief is a profoundly personal experience; what may comfort one person may leave another cold. While we can’t miraculously read someone’s mind to find out the exact right thing to say or do, we can still extend small gestures of sympathy to let them know you are thinking of them.

Personal gestures can mean a lot in a time of sorrow. A small emblematic style box with non-tarnish antique finish, engraved with initials, a name, or a special date to hold a cherished memento. The dark blue flocked cloth lining is appropriate for any small item. Consider writing down your favorite memory of the person; place it in the box for your loved one read and reread for comfort in hard times.

optic crystal medallion flower vaseFor those of faith, consider engraving a cross ornament – something to hang up year round or to take out and remember on certain dates. The bright nickel-plated non-tarnish finish is perfect for adding a name or special message, while the white tassel serves as a touching accent. It’s a little something that will be a regular reminder of the love engendered by the person who has been lost.

Occasionally, a more exuberant expression of remembrance is appropriate. Personalize an optic crystal vase with Medallion pattern. Fill it with Lilies of the Valley or Chrysanthemums – something that fits the personality of the person you’re remembering. Then whenever the vase is filled with a beautiful bouquet, the Old World charm of the vase will kindle warm memories.

2767If you want to send something floral that will last longer, personalize a silverplated rose. The non-tarnishing flower is accompanied by a tag with space to add initials, a date or some other meaningful message. It will readily accompany natural bouquets for years to come, and serve as a thoughtful reminder of times spent with the dearly departed.

Small gestures can mean the world to someone who is grieving. Personalizing the right item helps you express your sympathy and will serve as a lasting memorial.

Gifts of Faith for Special Occasions

Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have.” – John Rohn.

Religion and beliefs are extremely personal. They make us better people. They give us a safe place to land when the going gets tough. Religion gives us a road map and compass to guide us through this life no matter what beliefs you hold. Religion and beliefs also help us welcome new members of the church family through special ceremonies like Baptisms or Naming Ceremonies. Gifts for these once-in-a-lifetime moments should be just as unique and special as the person you are giving it to. Here are just a few of our religious gifts for your loved ones special moment as he/she enters your church family.

330x330-2698This beautiful Cross has an Old World design around the edging combined with the contemporary smoothness of the inner cross. The area on the inner cross allows for engraving of a name or date of ceremony. The Cross is 6″ tall by 4.5″ wide and nickel plated to make it non-tarnishing. It can be hung on a wall or arranged with other items from the Christening ceremony. This piece will be a keepsake that will be cherished as the receiver continues along their religious journey.

330x330-2699This faux “book design” box with a cross can hold small treasures and trinkets such as rosary beads or religious medals. The box is 3.5″ tall by 2.75″ wide and 1″ deep with a .75″ by 1.375″. The lid, or book “cover,” is hinged and opens to reveal a lined compartment inside. The outer cover of the book can be personalized with a name, monogram or date. This special piece can truly mark this special occasion and stay with the child for years to come.


330x330-1475This photo album keepsake can hold up to 72 –  4×6 pictures of the Christening day. Capture the family, child, Godparents and friends that chose to share this spiritual moments with you in this pewter finished, “My Christening Day” photo album. The album pages are acid free to help protect your images. In addition there is a smooth ribbon on the front to include the child’s name. Preserve the memories of this special day in an equally special album.

Small Gestures of Affection – Give a Keychain

open heart keychain engravingKeeping that which you treasure most you safe and secure is of incredible importance. It may mean placing valuable items in a safe, strapping your child into a car seat, flipping the deadbolt on your front door, or entrusting your secrets to the person you cherish most. Whatever and however you secure your valuables, an engraved keychain is a unique way to honor them.

Keychains make fantastic, small gifts to commemorate just about any occasion. Engrave your wedding date on a unique outlined heart-shaped keychain. Give them to your wedding guests as a one-of-a-kind gift to remind them of your special day. Personalize one and give it to your spouse on the big day – it’ll make for a handy reminder of your anniversary! Or keep one for yourself, a daily reminder of the most magical day of your life.

flip flop keychain mongrammedPersonalize flip-flop shaped keychains for a special girls weekend. Whenever your friends grab their keys, they’ll think of the wonderful trouble you into together and the great memories you made. With free engraving, it’s easy to give these mementos an extra glow.

Customize keychains with a tree design as holiday stocking stuffers. It makes for a unique way to commemorate a special holiday season – first Christmas after getting married; baby’s first Christmas; first holiday in a new house; first winter after you’ve retired someplace warm! Having a small token like this, in your hand every day, will remind you of special memories any time of year.

tree cutout keychainOr engrave a simple oval-shaped keychain with your son or daughter’s initials, and give it to them to keep track of their keys as they head off to their first year at college. A small reminder of where they have come from and how much they are loved no matter whether they’re close to home or far away. And the customization will make it easy to find keys that get left behind in the cafeteria or lecture hall by accident!

Gifts don’t have to be grand gestures. Often, it’s small reminders of kindness and affection that mean the most to us!

Best Baby Shower Gifts

engraved picture frameIt’s one of the biggest joys in life – welcoming another little person into your family. It’s a special occasion for everyone – the expectant parents, their friends, their parents, their siblings. Whether you’re the expectant parent entering into this new phase for the first time, or the elated grandparent anxious to dote on a new baby, it’s an event unlike any other and one which deserves all the commemoration it receives.

Baby showers are a wonderful way to honor life as it has been and life as it is about to become, and putting thought into your shower gift will be profoundly meaningful to the new parents. Engrave a special message on a picture frame, something the child can read and remember you by in the years ahead. Personalize their very first piggy bank and start them off with a baby-sized savings plan – even if the bank is a pumpkin or a pirate ship instead of a pig! Or go with something both piggy bankfunctional and thoughtful – an engraved mug with a baby-friendly sippy top! A gift that will get years of use and be wonderful reminder of you for both baby and parent.

And don’t forget siblings! It can happen when new babies come along that older siblings feel somewhat left out. We have plenty of gifts to remember those little ones as well – no matter how big or small they may be. Get the sibling who likes collecting little treasures a unique keepsake box. Or the little girl who’s just learned to brush her hair on her own a personalized brush and comb set.

nantucket style basket boxOr get something thoughtful that both the older sibling and the new baby can enjoy together in years ahead, like engraved frames or personalized photo albums they can fill with images of them on adventures.

However you celebrate the arrival of a new person into your life we have a gift to make the occasion personal and memorable. Shop now!

Bring out the Backpack, We’re Headed Back to School!

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

Charles Darwin had it right in the Tale of Two Cities. Although he was not referring to the return to school every fall, he very well could have been. Heading back to school is both a moment steeped in happy expectations as well as sadness that the lazy days of summer are quickly fading away. It is truly a double edged sword that calls for a keepsake to celebrate the event. Perhaps there is a special teacher, student or staff member that you would like to surprise this school season. Take a look at some of our wonderful “Back-to-School” gifts that can make the start to the year a happy one!

330x330-1158For that special teacher consider giving him/her the proverbial “apple a day” in the form of a beautiful key chain. The apple measures 3″ (including ring) x 1.5″ and the ring is about 1″ diameter. The apple can be engraved with a special message or monogram. Choose the initials of your new teacher or possibly the year that you are in his/her classroom to make it even more personal and special.

330x330-3928For the student who likes to stay organized at their homework desk try this phone stand. If your favorite student is always putting their phone down on a messy desk, this stand can help them from always being on the search for it. The stand also makes it easy for maintaining hands-free activity and holding the phone stable during Face time conversations. Make it even more unique by monogramming your students initials on the stand.

330x330-3880For the student, teacher or mom who finds themselves always on the laptop or desktop during the school-year, this mouse-pad can be not only stylish but also utilitarian. The pad measures 7.25″ x 7.25″ x .5″ and can be nicely monogrammed or personalized. It is acrylic so that means long lasting and easy to clean when messy hands eat while working on the computer.

Back-to-School doesn’t need to be a gloomy occasion when gifts are involved. Let your favorite student, teacher or staff member know how much you care about them and start this year off right.

Celebrate Your Community with Personalization

Summer is all about getting out and enjoying your community – whatever that may mean!

polished engraved flaskSometimes that involves packing up your gear and setting out into the woods with your best mates, a handful of hearty campfire meals, and an engraved flask filled with special beverage of choice. Or it may mean staying near home and exploring town with the kids you coach on the weekends. Helping them get to know and appreciate your community as well, and develop lifelong memories and bonds.


Sometimes savoring your community means taking a road trip to visit grandparents – for a special occasion like an anniversary or just because it’s been a while! No matter how long or short the distance, they’ll biscuit barrelappreciate the effort. A personalized gift – perhaps a monogrammed biscuit barrel not unlike the one that may have been knocked off a table during a visit when you were little – will remind them of you and the special memories of your visit every time they see it. Taking the time to show them that you care will always be appreciated. And aren’t they worth the appreciation?

Sometimes getting out into your community means coordinating a block party with your neighbors. Secure the street and let the kids chase one another up and down the street, in and out of houses in the biggest game of freeze tag this side of last summer. While they tire themselves out, you can share favorite summertime dishes on your favorite summertime plates, mix up refreshing drinks in an engraved shaker, and pull grills out to show off your favorite tools and techniques. blue serving dishesAnd then spend the evening enjoying what you’ve made, swapping stories, and watching the sun set as lightning bugs come out.

Whatever your community looks like, we have gifts to make this year’s summer activities extra special. Personalization can mark the occasion as unique, to honor this summer and set it and its memories apart from the rest. Find your perfect summertime gift now!

Anniversary Gifts

Weddings and the anniversary celebration each year after are a common tradition in many countries. In the United States a special gift for the couple is traditional. It may come  from close family and friends or from those who were part of the wedding party.You may even be searching for a special gift for your better half. With over 2.3 million weddings every year in the US that is a lot of gift giving. How do you make your gift special and unique? Creative Gifts Direct has a few ideas to help you choose that “just right” gift for your spouse or that perfect couple getting ready to celebrate an anniversary.

330x330-1866The most popular month for weddings in the United States has long been the month of June but is quickly followed by August, September, and October. You may have an anniversary quick approaching and need to find a gift that sends a message of love. What says a couple will stand the test of time better than a clock engraved with their wedding date, a monogram, or a special saying unique to them and their love? The optic crystal is clear and heavy but contains no lead so it can be etched by laser engraving. Check out this timepiece that can be a gift that they treasure for years to come.


330x330-1356For the couple who loves to celebrate with a nice meal and some bubbly a stainless steel wine bottle or champagne cooler may be just the ideal gift. Add the couples monogram wedding date or the couple’s wedding song to make it even more personal. The couple will enjoy this gift not just on their anniversary but during dinner parties and holidays.


330x330-3482Anniversaries many times come with flowers and rose petals to show how much you care for the couple. Give the couple something special to display their bouquet in every year with this crystal Rose Bowl. The bowl has a beautiful crisscross diamond cut topped with a wheat cut. It could be used for candles, votives or fragrant rose petals to celebrate every year. A one to three letter monogram with the couple’s fist initial and last initial will make this gift as unique as they are.

Making Memories Outdoors

engraved leatherette flaskWhether it’s a week of casual, comfortable trailer camping with family, a weekend telling ghost stories in the backyard, a week bunking in cabins with people you’ve just met, or an epic journey through challenging wilderness, spending time outdoors is great for creating lasting memories. So many of us have childhood memories of trips like these – experiences that shaped who we are today, that influence how we’ll relate to our families for years to come.

Having the correct gear to see you safely through these outdoor adventures (like bug spray, a sleeping bag, or warm socks) is understandably crucial. But it’s nearly as important to have a memento that reminds you of your once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Sending someone off on a journey with a thoughtful, personalized gift appropriate to the trip on which they’re embarking is a great way to do that.

1824For the casual weekend camper, consider an engraved leatherette flask – something to keep the beverage of their choice close at hand. And clearly marked so no one sneaks off with it by mistake!

For the young scout headed off on a first camp cabin adventure, send them with a watch marked with their initials so that whenever they look at that watch while they’re at camp they’ll be reminded of you. And in the years to come, they’ll instantly be transported back to the heady excitement of camp whenever they look at their memento.

2721For the avid, intrepid adventurer (perhaps headed out for a months-long through hike of the Appalachian or Pacific Crest Trail), a personalized pocket knife with a host of handy tools or an engraved whistle for deterring inquisitive potential predators.

But however you commemorate a great outdoor adventure, personalization takes the thoughtfulness of your gift to the next level. Browse our entire selection of memory-making gifts now.

Gifts to Warm a Home

It’s finally happened!  Your friends scrimped, scraped and saved and are now ready to move into their first home. Their hard work and fiscal responsibility has paid off in the form of a new house, condo or even a cool new apartment. And now that the furniture has been moved in and the boxes are all unpacked it is time to celebrate with a house warming party!

Since your mom taught good manners you know never to show up empty-handed to a house warming party. Therefore the task at hand is to find a gift that will help make their new house into a home. How do you pick something that can bring cheer to a home, and maybe a bit of the whimsical? Our advice is to think about what your friends might need such as: organizing tools, kitchen gadgets, home decor or something completely unique that could be a talking point during one of their soon-to-be parties. Think about finding something that is both practical and personal. Put some thought into who they are and what will help fill their dream home for years to come.

new house gift keychainThis House Shaped Key Chain is the perfect gift to give a friend or relative that has just purchased their first house. Engrave the date or special saying so every time they open their home they will think of you and the day they started their life in their new home.

engraved bread board housewarming giftFor your friends who love to entertain, this lovely acacia wood bread board is a perfect choice. Acacia wood is known for its strength and durability, which makes it the perfect choice for any cutting board. The beautiful warm brown and golden hues of the acacia wood will make any room feel like home. Personalize it with their last name or a saying to make it personal and thoughtful.

house warming clock giftMaking a house into a home is easy with this classic wood tower clock that can go on their new mantle. It even looks like a house! This classic wood tower clock has a rich, piano finish to go along with the gold accented face. Personalize it with their name, a monogram or their new street address. This will surely put a smile on their faces when they remember the day they celebrated their new dream home.