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Making Memories Outdoors

engraved leatherette flaskWhether it’s a week of casual, comfortable trailer camping with family, a weekend telling ghost stories in the backyard, a week bunking in cabins with people you’ve just met, or an epic journey through challenging wilderness, spending time outdoors is great for creating lasting memories. So many of us have childhood memories of trips like these – experiences that shaped who we are today, that influence how we’ll relate to our families for years to come.

Having the correct gear to see you safely through these outdoor adventures (like bug spray, a sleeping bag, or warm socks) is understandably crucial. But it’s nearly as important to have a memento that reminds you of your once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Sending someone off on a journey with a thoughtful, personalized gift appropriate to the trip on which they’re embarking is a great way to do that.

1824For the casual weekend camper, consider an engraved leatherette flask – something to keep the beverage of their choice close at hand. And clearly marked so no one sneaks off with it by mistake!

For the young scout headed off on a first camp cabin adventure, send them with a watch marked with their initials so that whenever they look at that watch while they’re at camp they’ll be reminded of you. And in the years to come, they’ll instantly be transported back to the heady excitement of camp whenever they look at their memento.

2721For the avid, intrepid adventurer (perhaps headed out for a months-long through hike of the Appalachian or Pacific Crest Trail), a personalized pocket knife with a host of handy tools or an engraved whistle for deterring inquisitive potential predators.

But however you commemorate a great outdoor adventure, personalization takes the thoughtfulness of your gift to the next level. Browse our entire selection of memory-making gifts now.

Gifts to Warm a Home

It’s finally happened!  Your friends scrimped, scraped and saved and are now ready to move into their first home. Their hard work and fiscal responsibility has paid off in the form of a new house, condo or even a cool new apartment. And now that the furniture has been moved in and the boxes are all unpacked it is time to celebrate with a house warming party!

Since your mom taught good manners you know never to show up empty-handed to a house warming party. Therefore the task at hand is to find a gift that will help make their new house into a home. How do you pick something that can bring cheer to a home, and maybe a bit of the whimsical? Our advice is to think about what your friends might need such as: organizing tools, kitchen gadgets, home decor or something completely unique that could be a talking point during one of their soon-to-be parties. Think about finding something that is both practical and personal. Put some thought into who they are and what will help fill their dream home for years to come.

new house gift keychainThis House Shaped Key Chain is the perfect gift to give a friend or relative that has just purchased their first house. Engrave the date or special saying so every time they open their home they will think of you and the day they started their life in their new home.

engraved bread board housewarming giftFor your friends who love to entertain, this lovely acacia wood bread board is a perfect choice. Acacia wood is known for its strength and durability, which makes it the perfect choice for any cutting board. The beautiful warm brown and golden hues of the acacia wood will make any room feel like home. Personalize it with their last name or a saying to make it personal and thoughtful.

house warming clock giftMaking a house into a home is easy with this classic wood tower clock that can go on their new mantle. It even looks like a house! This classic wood tower clock has a rich, piano finish to go along with the gold accented face. Personalize it with their name, a monogram or their new street address. This will surely put a smile on their faces when they remember the day they celebrated their new dream home.