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Celebrate Your Community with Personalization

Summer is all about getting out and enjoying your community – whatever that may mean!

polished engraved flaskSometimes that involves packing up your gear and setting out into the woods with your best mates, a handful of hearty campfire meals, and an engraved flask filled with special beverage of choice. Or it may mean staying near home and exploring town with the kids you coach on the weekends. Helping them get to know and appreciate your community as well, and develop lifelong memories and bonds.


Sometimes savoring your community means taking a road trip to visit grandparents – for a special occasion like an anniversary or just because it’s been a while! No matter how long or short the distance, they’ll biscuit barrelappreciate the effort. A personalized gift – perhaps a monogrammed biscuit barrel not unlike the one that may have been knocked off a table during a visit when you were little – will remind them of you and the special memories of your visit every time they see it. Taking the time to show them that you care will always be appreciated. And aren’t they worth the appreciation?

Sometimes getting out into your community means coordinating a block party with your neighbors. Secure the street and let the kids chase one another up and down the street, in and out of houses in the biggest game of freeze tag this side of last summer. While they tire themselves out, you can share favorite summertime dishes on your favorite summertime plates, mix up refreshing drinks in an engraved shaker, and pull grills out to show off your favorite tools and techniques. blue serving dishesAnd then spend the evening enjoying what you’ve made, swapping stories, and watching the sun set as lightning bugs come out.

Whatever your community looks like, we have gifts to make this year’s summer activities extra special. Personalization can mark the occasion as unique, to honor this summer and set it and its memories apart from the rest. Find your perfect summertime gift now!

Anniversary Gifts

Weddings and the anniversary celebration each year after are a common tradition in many countries. In the United States a special gift for the couple is traditional. It may come  from close family and friends or from those who were part of the wedding party.You may even be searching for a special gift for your better half. With over 2.3 million weddings every year in the US that is a lot of gift giving. How do you make your gift special and unique? Creative Gifts Direct has a few ideas to help you choose that “just right” gift for your spouse or that perfect couple getting ready to celebrate an anniversary.

330x330-1866The most popular month for weddings in the United States has long been the month of June but is quickly followed by August, September, and October. You may have an anniversary quick approaching and need to find a gift that sends a message of love. What says a couple will stand the test of time better than a clock engraved with their wedding date, a monogram, or a special saying unique to them and their love? The optic crystal is clear and heavy but contains no lead so it can be etched by laser engraving. Check out this timepiece that can be a gift that they treasure for years to come.


330x330-1356For the couple who loves to celebrate with a nice meal and some bubbly a stainless steel wine bottle or champagne cooler may be just the ideal gift. Add the couples monogram wedding date or the couple’s wedding song to make it even more personal. The couple will enjoy this gift not just on their anniversary but during dinner parties and holidays.


330x330-3482Anniversaries many times come with flowers and rose petals to show how much you care for the couple. Give the couple something special to display their bouquet in every year with this crystal Rose Bowl. The bowl has a beautiful crisscross diamond cut topped with a wheat cut. It could be used for candles, votives or fragrant rose petals to celebrate every year. A one to three letter monogram with the couple’s fist initial and last initial will make this gift as unique as they are.