Retail FAQ

Is your website secure?
Yes. Please be assured that our website is secure. We utilize the most advanced security measures available. We encourage you to read our “Security Policy”. Feel free to contacts us by phone or email if you still have questions or concerns.

Can I order by phone?
Verbal orders can be accepted by phone weekdays from 9am to 5pm EST at 1 800 528 0900, however, the most efficient way to order is directly on our website.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and PayPal.

Is my personal information and credit card information safe on your website?
Yes. All precautions are taken to safeguard your security and the security of your information including the latest encryption procedures. We do not sell, rent, or lease any personally identifiable information to others. (See Security Policy)

When is my credit card charged for my order?
Your credit card is charged as soon as we begin processing your order due to the custom personalization involved.

Can my order be shipped to multiple addresses?
A separate order must be entered for each shipping address.

Can I track my order online?
Yes. You will receive an electronic notice when your order ships that will include your tracking number and a link to the shipper’s website so you can track it.

Do you offer personalization?
Yes. Personalization is a way to make a gift truly personal, unique and special. We include FREE personalization with most of the items we sell. We personalize our items using a variety of methods by choosing the most appropriate method to personalize each item. The allocated space and font choices vary from item to item but the personalization is always FREE.

Can I buy items without personalization?
Yes. Personalization is included at no extra charge for most of our items but items can be purchased blank or without a personalized message, also. The price is the same with or without personalization.

Can I use symbols in my Personalization message?
We are sorry but accent marks, special characters and symbols cannot be produced. We can only produce letters and numbers from the standard American keyboard.

Are there any restrictions to my personalized message?
Yes. We reserve the right to refuse to reproduce anything that we find objectionable. Those objections could be based on terms or messages that we deem to be pornographic, obscene, defamatory, slanderous, offensive or otherwise inappropriate. We also reserve the right to refuse to reproduce anything we believe violates copyrights, encroaches on the rights of others, promotes illegal activity, or violates the law.

I see there are character limitations for personalization. Do spaces and punctuation count as characters?
Yes. A space between letters or words and any punctuation that is part of your personalization message do count as characters.

Can character counts be exceeded?
Sorry, no. We try to determine the maximum engraving area we have on each item and then determine how the personalization message will look best on every item. Please keep your message within the line and character parameters provided.

Where do you ship from?
Our orders are processed and shipped from Canton, Massachusetts 02021 USA.

Can I pick up my order or does everything have to be shipped?
No. We do not have an accommodation for customers to pick up their orders. Our facility and our staff are totally geared to processing, personalizing and shipping your order.

How quickly will I receive my order?
Processing of your order begins immediately when you submit your order online. Most orders will require some time to produce your custom personalization and prepare the order for shipping. Your item is selected and any personalization is done to your selection as fast as possible. Some personalization methods may take more time than others but, in general, your order should ship within 3 business days. When you receive your order will depend on the shipping carrier, the method of shipping your selected and the distance between your destination and our facility in Canton, MA. Orders are shipped Monday thru Friday via UPS (United Parcel Service), FEDEX and USPS (United States Postal Service).

Are shipping costs included in your pricing?
No. Shipping costs are not included in the pricing. We use a variety of shipping companies and shipping charges are added to your order. (See shipping chart for more information)

What happens if my shipment is delayed due to bad weather?
We do our best to meet requested delivery dates but sometimes weather and other circumstances beyond our control may intervene and cause delays. No refunds will be issued for orders delayed by weather or any other unforeseen circumstance that may adversely affect delivery.

Can I cancel or amend my order after it’s been submitted?
No. Once your order is completed and submitted we begin processing it immediately so orders cannot be cancelled after they are submitted.

How do I return something?
We stand behind every product we sell. If you have a problem – we’re sorry! We guarantee our products to be free of manufacturing defects. If there is a quality issue with any item on your order when you receive it, we’ll take the goods back for a prompt exchange. If the item was personalized we’ll personalize the replacement item with the same message as the original. Items can only be returned for manufacturing defects and our personalization errors. Any and all quality issues must be reported within 30 days of receipt of the item. Any and all goods being returned due to product error or manufacturing defect must be returned in its new condition in its original packaging. Any and all claims for returns must be made by the original purchaser of the goods. Please call 800 528 0900 or contact us by email at [email protected] if you have received something that is defective, an incorrect item or an incorrect personalization that you wish to return. (See Returns Policy for more information)

Can I return something because I don’t like it?
No. Only returns for manufacturer's defect or personalization errors or shipping errors can be returned. (See Returns Policy for more informaiton)

What is a WISH LIST?
A WISH LIST is sort of a reminder list for a visitor to our site to create for themselves. They can refer to this list when they’re making purchases at our site in the future. An example might be that you’d add an item to your WISH LIST to remind you to buy it later in the year when you may want to give it as a gift or purchase it for yourself at that time.

A GIFT REGISTRY is an opportunity to create a list of items that you would like to encourage others to purchase for you on our site. Usually a GIFT REGISTRY is created for an event and then family and friends of the person creating the GIFT REGISTRY can see what the GIFT REGISTRANT would like to receive as gifts and purchase those gifts on our site.

What’s the difference between a GIFT REGISTRY and a WISH LIST?
Think of a WISH LIST as a reminder for yourself of things you may want to consider buying in the future while a GIFT REGISTRY is a suggestion list for others to consider buying for you, usually for a gift giving event.

Can I create a WISH LIST on the site?
Yes. You can create both a WISH LIST and a GIFT REGISTRY on