Personalized Gifts

The word says it all - Personalization is just that: Personal. Adding a person's name to their birthday gift or a child's name and birthdate to the gift celebrating a new birth or including the newlywed couple's names on their toasting flutes for their wedding - are just a few examples. Personalization can make your gift selection truly personal for the recipient.

The Process

We've selected the best method to engrave or otherwise personalize your gift selection, if the item design can accommodate it, from the latest software and equipment. We utilize diamond tip rotary machines, lasers, laser masked sand carvers, as well as other methods and techniques. Our engraving staff has decades of experience and all of our work is done entirely in-house.

Add Free Personalization

The overwhelming majority of items we sell can be personalized - although it is not required. We do not offer personalization on some items so look for the Add Free Personalization box. If there is no Add Free Personalization box that item cannot be personalized. When you select an item and you see a Add Free Personalization box, just click on that box if you want to include personalization and you will see your options. Remember Add Free Personalization is FREE. There is no extra charge for personalization. Some items have more space for your message than others so the number of characters including any punctuation and spaces between words will be shown to you when you click on the Add Free Personalization box. If you prefer to purchase your gift selection without personalization do not check the Add Free Personalization box and simply add the item as is to your shopping cart. If you do choose to include personalization on your gift selection and you click on the Add Free Personalization box you'll likely have a few choices to make.


You may be able to choose from a selection of FONTS and choose the STYLE of your message. You may have a choice of color for your message, too, depending on the item you selected. You'll obviously have a choice of letters or words for your personalization message (within the number of character constraints). If you're choosing a photo frame one of your first choices will be whether the frame will be personalized with a horizontal or a vertical orientation.


Most items have a clear cut orientation and we will personalize them accordingly. Photo frames, however, feature 2-way easels on their backs so they can stand either horizontally or vertically. For example; you may want to consider whether you will want your 4" x 6" photograph to show horizontally or vertically in the frame. If you choose the horizontal orientation the 6" side of your photograph will be along the top and bottom sides of your frame. If you choose a vertical orientation the 4" side of your photograph will be along the top and bottom sides of your frame.


We offer a choice of FONTS for many items. The FONT is the design of the letters we'll use in your personalization. Some may prefer a block style letter while others prefer letters that may be more stylized or fancy. Your FONT options will be shown to you. Just select which FONT you prefer. You will be able to see your FONT choices for the personalization you're considering. This should be easier for you to envision how your personalization will look on the item you selected.


There are a few variations on how you may want your personalization to appear.

Single Letter Monograms - Some items may be limited to just one letter usually for space purposes. Many people may prefer to do just a single letter monogram instead of multiple letters or some other message. If you want just the single letter, enter what letter you want to appear and include the FONT as well as your choices for any other options. The PREVIEW will allow you to see how the letter will appear on the item you selected.
Three Letter monograms - A raised center letter in a 3-letter monogram is a popular style. This raised center letter 3-letter monogram will feature all three letters in upper case (capitals) letters and the middle letter will appear larger than those letters flanking. Typically, the middle letter in this monogram style is the first letter of the last name, while the first letter is the first name and the last letter is the middle initial. So a three letter monogram should be entered in the order that you want the letters to appear. If you want that larger center letter in the middle style just enter the letters in the same order. You can see the PREVIEW to make sure the message will appear as you want it to appear.

Another popular style for a monogram is also a 3 letter style but this time with all three letters the same size. Typically, the three letters are all capitals or upper case letters and the order of the letters is first name, middle name or initial and then last name. So the last letter is typically the initial letter of the person's last name.
Text - If you're choosing something more than a single or a 3-letter monogram for your item, please be sure to note any limitations on characters. Your choice for your PERSONALIZED ENGRAVING may be limited to a specific number of characters and/or lines of engraving. When you are entering TEXT please be sure you are using upper case letters and lower case letters where you want them to appear on your PERSONALIZED ENGRAVING. We will put your PERSONALIZED ENGRAVING message on your selection just as you enter the letters so please be sure to use the PREVIEW to make sure your message will appear as you intended it to look.

Color - Some items may be able to have a personalized message that appears in color. If you gift selection is one of these items you may have a choice of color options. The color you choose will be the color that your letters will be.

PERSONALIZATION MESSAGE - This is where you will enter the actual letters and/or words that you want to appear on your gift selection. Please remember to enter the letters as you want them to appear on your gift selection, paying close attention to any limitations on the number of characters and the number of lines. Remember your message can be fewer than the character limitations but it cannot exceed it.